Inspierd by LEGO

PROJECT: 2021 - 2022


Young people lack confidence and skills in the kitchen.* Convenience and easy access to fast food have created minimal awareness of what real cooking is.

Cooking develops many soft skills like organisation, time management, creativity and communication. Developing cooking skills in young adulthood can bring long term dietary effects in their future life.°


User Insights helped me focus on what teens lack from cooking skills. Experimentation around the missing parts led me to develop the early prototype of Cooking dices. Every cooking session dice set was improved and polished.

Using dices made me realise that to fully create a perfect experience creating an app is essential.

I created Coobes App with cooking based games gives users a stress-free experience bring more fun to the kitchen.



Coobes is a great solution for anyone who lack enjoyment from cooking. Combination of Dices and App allows people of any age or skill to easily cook anything they throw.

With step by step guidance, any dish is simple to cook. Cooking games and Interactive dice brings the experience even further.